Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Don't Eat This

This past weekend Blognut found himself in Princeton, New Jersey selling used CD’s to the Princeton Record Exchange and searching for New Jersey Nuts (not an NBA team). While unable to locate a single non-Dunkin Donut, I did manage to find a sorry little ring of unpleasantness at Ricky’s, Candy, Cones and Chaos.

The Wonka Candy Donutz borrows from a seldom encountered Donut-Phenomenon – the filled ring Donut. Though an innovative idea for a candy, Donutz doesn’t compare to even the foulest of actual donuts we’ve encountered, and certainly not to our favorite filled ring, the Doughnut Plant’s Elvis-inspired peanut butter glazed with banana cream filling .

Billed as a “mini milk chocolate Donut filled with a creamy chocolaty center and topped with candy sprinkles in assorted colors,” Donutz certainly sounds delicious in theory. In practice not so much. The “chocolate” exterior tastes like legos and the creamy center like buttery ammonia. I almost feel sorry for the candy sprinkles having to live atop such a vile taste. Now I must warn you that I am not the biggest candy eater in the world, calling into question the credibility of my assessment. If you feel as though Blognut has treated the Wonka Candy Donutz unfairly, then I ask you to go out buy one yourself (sold at most specialty candy stores) and offer up your own opinion. I am genuinely curious if a commercially successful candy can actually be this disgusting, or if my distaste is simply the result Blognut’s unschooled candy palate.

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