Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Honeydip Donuts
207 West New Circle R.
Lexington, KY

As we drive out of Lexington, listening to Kentucky native Will Oldham, we stop by Honeydip for what will be the last Bluegrass-Donut of our Southern-getaway.

Honeydip Donuts is a lesser-known Pop-Nut franchise that we think is headquartered in Wisconsin (could not confirm this). They seem to be slowly filling the void left as Dunkin Donuts withdraws what little influence it had across the mid-South (DD has traditionally had trouble in this region due to Krispy Kreme’s stronghold on the Pop-nut market here).

This Honeydip was previously a DD and shares its store space with a Blimpie Subs and Salads – a concept that Blognut finds bothersome. Both the décor and the donuts have a vestigial Dunkin feel. We asked the Donut-Lady about the origins of the Honeydip franchise and she answered with “I don’t know nothing bout this place.”

Blognut orders a caramel-frosted and 9 donut-holes (3 glazed, 3 chocolate cake, and 3 blueberry). The caramel was decent – the frosting was smooth and the yeast-raised dough was fresh and Dunkin-y. The holes on the other hand were miserable. The chocolate was dry and tasted artificial, the blueberry tasted like a grape popsicle, and the glazed were just OK.

We finish our Nuts and begin our long drive through the Appalachian Mountains on our way back to Virginia. If we find ourselves at a Honeydip again, we’ll definitely be avoiding the donut holes.

Donut Scores:

Caramel Frosted - 7.5
Glazed Donut Hole - 6.5
Chocolate Cake - 4.5
Blueberry Cake - 1.5



April said...

I live in central PA. My mother n law sends me every year on fastnaught day to her friend's house to get their donuts. They are Amish, and she hands them to me on a huge metal pan, that holds 3 dozen. They are honey dipped and to die for. $5 for a dozen. They are the best donut I have ever had!

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