Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Munchkin Montage

This morning I stopped by Dunkin Donuts in hopes of getting a box of the new Halloween-themed seasonal Munchkins. "We haven't gotten those yet," said the DD employee, "but check back tomorrow." At this point I got embarrassed that I'd made a special trip to Dunkin for their Halloween line, and without thinking said, "I'm getting these for a bunch of kids. I guess they'll be OK with regular Munchkins."

So instead of the post I had originally intended, I'll show a montage of the regular Munchkins I bought out of guilt when I learned they didn't have any seasonals.

Yeast-raised Glazed Munchkin.

Plain-cake Glazed Munchkin with a blurry Friends in the background (this was the one where Joey and Ross get locked on the roof).

Munchkin closeup.

While devoid of any All Hallows Munchkins, Dunkin was able to offer this full-sized Halloween Doughnut.

The only thing that qualifies this Nut as seasonal, is the tiny black-sugar bats, and I guess the purple and green sprinkles. Standard DD yeast-raised issue with tired chocolate frosting, plus a barely noticable attempt at Halloween imagery just doesn't constitute an acceptable Nut. However, the Munchkins were of the consistently great quality we've come to expect from our favorite of all Pop-Nuts. But I think I'll hold off on reviewing them until I score a box of season-appropriate Nut-holes.

And now a final thought on Munchkins:

Donut Score:

Seasonal Halloween Bat Donut -

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