Sunday, November 05, 2006

Goin' down to the crossroads, got my donut right by my side

This past weekend, Blognut was in Clarksdale, Mississippi. So it was inevitable that before long I ended up at the intersection of Highway 61 (yes, like the Dylan album) and Route 49. Or as the local board of tourism calls it, the Crossroads, the intersection of legend where bluesman Robert Johson is said to have sold his soul to the devil in exchange for becoming, arguably, the most important musician of all time.

But as any respectable blues historian will tell you, Johnson would certainly not have made his pact at a busy intersection like this. For such Satanic negotiations are generally handled in remote locations, free of potential witness. And while I agree that the union of 61 and 49 probably wasn't the infamous "Crossroads," I would like to pose a new theory as to why not.

You see, the one thing more enticing than eternal guitar proficiency, is a mouthful of Donut. And sitting quietly on the South East corner of the intersection is a ragged little shop called Delta Donut. So even if Johnson had intended on selling his soul at this well-travled locale, he would have certainly rescheduled - and instead walked in to Delta, ordering a plain-glazed and a pretzel Donut. Because seriously, how many Donut shops have a Donut shaped like a pretzel?! And I'm sure some would argue that Delta Donut wasn't in existence until long after RJ's death. But's let's not get bogged down in the facts. We'll leave that for the historians.

So in an effort to relive the "real" Robert Johnson story, I stroll into Delta and order a plain-glazed and a pretzel Donut.

Now one thing Blognut has noticed about indie Donut shops (our beloved Spudnuts included), is that often times their product comes out of the fryer hexagonally. Maybe back in the day there was an affordable mom-and-pop-friendly Donut machine that grew tired of geometrical simplicity and instead opted for six sides. Who knows? Actually, I guess I should know since I'm the Blognut. I'll get back to you on this.

Plain-glazed in rental car.

But yes, the glazed is a perfect hexagon (sort of). And I love it. Just like Spudnuts, the dough is soft and impressionable, with a tinge of cinnamon. A thin layer of glaze is careful not to oversweeten, while the Donut's scaled-down stature leaves me craving another. I start in on the pretzel Donut. As expected, it's composed of the same cinnamon-spiked yeast dough as was the glazed, but is even more satisfying thanks to the innovative shape. Just for fun I imagine dressing my pretzel up with a pinch of rock salt and a stream of French's, but that would be disgusting.

I leave Delta Donut happy and full, wondering how anyone could play the blues after such an uplifting and fulfilling dining experience.

Donut Scores:

Plain-glazed -

Pretzel Donut -


Anonymous said...

I disagree about the French's on the pretzel donut....I still love the blog though....._hc! (aka "Mustardnut")

theblognut said...

I never knew you went by Mustardnut hc. I thought I knew you.

Anonymous said...

Not sure I could eat the pretzel doughnut due to aesthetic concerns.

Have you read "Arnie the Doughnut" by L. Keller? If not, then I am shocked.

SK from C'Ville (A. Siddons doughnut - or at least Mas - companion).

theblognut said...

SK - I am ashamed to say that have in fact not read, nor had I even heard of Arnie the Doughnut prior to your comment. So thanks for the heads up. And just so readers will have an idea of what we're talking about, here's a summary of what has to be one of the most stoner plots of all time:

Laurie Keller, creator of the wonderful picture books The Scrambled States of America and Open Wide: Tooth School Inside, cooks up a rather silly story about a doughnut who narrowly escapes his doughnut fate. Arnie is proud to be chocolate-covered, with bright-colored candy sprinkles. His first day on the planet is a big one. He is 1) cut into a ring 2) deep-fried 3) cooled 4) iced 5) sprinkled and 6) named Arnie. What he doesn't realize is that step 7 is being eaten by a human. So, when a customer, Mr. Bing, starts to put him in his mouth, he screams, "What are you doing?" Arnie is further crushed when he calls the bakery to warn the others only to discover that all the other pastries are "aware of this arrangement." Unfortunately, this delightful plot twist is soured by the contrived ones that follow. Mr. Bing decides that in order to get his money's worth from Arnie he can pretend the doughnut is the dog he's always wanted--a doughnut-dog that will roll over, play fetch, etc.: "He went through a short phase of chewing on the furniture and barking at the mailman, but after a crash course in obedience school he graduated first in his class." However half-baked the story turns out to be, the funny asides and captions that Keller sprinkles throughout the book are often brilliant and the busy, crazy paintings are lots of fun, too. (Ages 4 to 8)

Anonymous said...


I love your site!

look! a donut quiz

C. Sanford said...

Thanks for this great post about the Delta Donut. My cousins, Tony and Terry Wimberly, own this little shop. It has been open about 3 months. I visited with them last month. They make all of the donuts by hand (and Tony has advanced arthritis!) beginning at about 2:00 a.m. For two good ole boys, we are all very proud of them.

theblognut said...

Special Agent Dale Cooper says "Terry and Tony make some damn fine Donuts."

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