Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where to get a good Christmas Donut in NYC

Yesterday Mrs. Blognut scored me this moderately-sized apple cider Donut from the Christmas market in Columbus Circle. And I have to say, it was far superior to any of the Christmas market Donuts I tried in Vienna - the dough was super light, with only a hint of sweetness and the cider flavor was subtle and as healthy tasting as something that's fried can be. Its absorbant dough and gustatory minimalism made it perfect for dunking. Nice work Mrs. Blognut.

Mrs. Blognut didn't remember the stand's name, but it looked like this.


Donut Score:

Apple Cider Donut from Columbus Circle -


Michael said...

Hi, Friend! Love your website! I've begun checking in once a week, because I'm a donut fan myself. In fact, my family owns a Southern Maid operation in Hammond, Louisiana. . .but, I live in NJ (I'm a pastor). Under your list of "POPNuts", could you add my favorite popnut chain - Southern Maid? Here's 2 good websites to check out. .

Take care!

theblognut said...

Thanks Michael. Been meaning to hook up Southern Maid with a link for a while've just reminded me of this so I'll do it right now.

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