Monday, July 13, 2009

Blognut Back on Blogger

After a two-year stint on Wordpress, I’m bringing Blognut back to its original home on Blogger. Partly because recently disappeared and all salvage attempts have proven unsuccessful – apparently my database was wiped out – but also because I don’t really understand computers and making pictures of doughnuts appear in my sidebar seems way easier on Blogger.

Posts will resume on a regular basis (stay tuned for Portland, OR Part II!) and I’ll be slowly bringing back any old material I can dig up in my email and hard drive. But first let’s quickly catch up on the major doughnut happenings of the past few months. There was the Dunkin’ Donuts Create Your Own Donut Contest, which Mrs. B and I actually entered. Unfortunately whatever we came up with (which was so good I can’t remember it) lost out to the “Toffee For Your Coffee.” Our friend Marc swears he should have won but claims Dunkin’s “crash-prone server” prevented his inevitable victory. Then there was the news that 13 NYC Dunkin’ locations will soon re-open as Tim Horton’s (the Canadian mega-chain founded and named for the hall of fame hockey legend). And perhaps most notably, there was a truck filled with doughnut glaze that tipped over in Washington State:


T Dub said...

Dude, the NYT got the jump on you!

Also, welcome back to blogger.

Merisi said...

Welcome back to Blogger! :-)

Was going to give you the link to the NYTimes, but T Dub beat me. *giggle*

I find your way of rating donuts way better.

Blognut said...

thanks for the words guys. i never thought i'd see the day when a Dunkin' glazed and a Tim glazed would sit side by side in a Times piece. we've come a long way.

Anonymous said...

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