Friday, February 11, 2011

Valentine's Donut Experiment

Dunkin' Donuts rarely misses the boat on seasonal donuts - which usually means they dust off a holiday-appropriate vial of food dye and some corresponding sprinkles. But this year for Valentine's Day they've gone all out. HEART. SHAPED. DONUTS.

In a rather hilarious experiment, Men's Health editor Jason Feifer set out to see how girls respond to the gift of donuts for Valentine's Day.


clavel said...

I love all kinds of donuts..,

J.J.Brown said...

Hi Bret, It's the thought that counts. A sweet if potentially fattening gesture, but hey, what are chocolates anyway? --Jennifer

Dave's Donut Blog said...

You have a great blog! Would you like to do a guest donut shop critique for my blog: ?

I'd enjoy your take on some shops in the NY area.

Email me if you are interested. Thanks!


Hana said...

hey bret! where can i get a green tea donut?

sports handicapping services said...

I loved too cute and I imagine delicious

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rithkhmer said...

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