Monday, May 08, 2006

The Doughnut Plant Redux

Saturday morning:
Now back in NYC, Blognut returns to The Doughnut Plant. We arrive at 10:30 seeking an Avant-Doughnut.

Unlike our last visit to the Plant, their racks were well stocked with an eclectic assortment of Doughnut Plant creations which, no matter how many times we go, continue to impress and surprise us. Groggy and tired, Blognut craves the manageable compactness and structural integrity of cake doughnuts. We order a Strawberry, a Cashew, and the brand new Cinco de Mayo special – the Tres Leches.

Based on the traditional Mexican recipe, the Tres Leches is made by soaking butter cake in three different types of milk – evaporated, condensed, and whole milk or cream. The most fascinating thing about the Tres Leches doughnut was its consistency - the cake at the perimeter was perfectly soft and moist giving way to a creamy center without a distinct border between cream and cake – almost as if the cake had been undercooked. Mark Isreal, who started the Doughnut Plant back in 1994, assured us that our Tres Leches was prepared correctly and that the center was simply a “traditional Mexican crème.” With our Raw-Egg-Concerns put to rest, Blognut was now able to properly focus on the doughnut. It was outstanding!! – definitely the best doughnut we’ve had at the Plant. The sweet, creamy taste was the perfect union of authentic tres leches flavor and standard glazed-cake satisfaction. According to Isreal, the Tres Leches was intended for limited production – to be offered only over Cinco De Mayo weekend. However, due to overwhelming customer requests, it may garner a regular spot on the Doughnut Plant roster. Blognut is responsible for one such request.

Our other acquisitions were good as well. Although a little too sweet for Blognut’s taste, and somewhat reminiscent of Frankenberry cereal, the Strawberry was enjoyable. Its sweet, pink glaze, and moist cake dough make it a perfect choice for doughnut-lovers looking for a little extra sugar. Despite not being the least bit nutty in flavor, the Cashew was also good – it tasted far more like a maple syrup/butterscotch mixture than the oblong legume from which it gets its name.

Due primarily to the deliciousness of the Tres Leches, this trip to The Doughnut Plant ranks up there as one of Blognut’s favorite Doughnut-Experiences. We sincerely hope they continue producing this magnificent feat of baking excellence.

Donut scores:

Tres Leches - 10.0
Strawberry - 8.4
Cashew - 8.0


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir or Madam:

I wish to complain about your derogatory reference to Frankenberry cereal. Contrary to what you imply, it is a delicious confection and unworthy of comparison to anything less than a perfectly conceived and executed object of gustatory pleasure. If you seek a breakfast cereal to which you might compare a doughnut unfavorably, allow me to direct you to the excrescence that is Frankenberry's erstwhile companion, Count Chocula.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Anonymous said...

Is the author of the first comment attempting to conjure the image of Count Chocula bursting from the already engorged forehead of Frankenberry? Is the suggestion that Count Chocula is merely derivative of a greater sugary confection, and that Frankenberry is the example of such a unique and superior cereal? I take issue with this assertion. Surely the author has never had the pleasure of enjoying a truly singular breakfast cereal such as the always delicious, if peculiarly tangy, Capt'n Crunch. If only there were a doughnut whose flavor was reminiscent of that magnificent confection…

Anonymous said...

why is blognut hating on cracklin' oat bran? them shits even look like doughnuts (O).

Anonymous said...

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