Monday, February 27, 2006

Bagel World
181 Court St.
Brooklyn, NY

Although Bagel World specializes primarily in bagels, their sweetened brethren are also well represented here.

We ordered a plain glazed. Like cheese pizza, plain glazed donuts are solid indicators of an establishment's Donut Potential. The donut was small, soft, and resembled its pop-alternative Krispy Kreme. Suspicious that Bagel World was simply serving Kremes I inquired about the origin of the Nut. I'm not exactly sure what the cashier replied but it sounded like "Morris." Looking back, I don't think the Nut was as heavily glazed as a Kreme (a brand we generally find a little too sweet), and considering it was sold to us by an establishment whose name precludes any donut-expectations, it was tasty enough. The place was so crowded we weren't able to get a table and retreated to our parked car to enjoy our purchase.

We were not the only patrons interested in a fix. As the man behind us approached the counter, he said to the cashier: "Could I just have plain glazed donut please?"

Donut Score: 6.95

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