Saturday, February 25, 2006

This is a blog about donuts.

Donut House
314 Court St.
Brooklyn, NY

Donut House is more a plate-of-eggs, neighborhood-y breakfast counter than a genuine, donut-focused establishment. Despite the name, the only time donuts pop up on the menu are under "Desserts," where they're listed first, at $0.75. We ordered a chocolate frosted with sprinkles while waiting for our $3.95 potato omelettes. The waiter laughed when we ordered the Nut, and when he brought it over, on an actual plate, he told us it was free of charge. Since donuts are clearly not the focus of Donut House (who knew?), we were concerned that we might be presented with Stale Donut. Happily, it was fresh and warm and totally delicious.

Donut Score: 7.85


rod said...

I've eaten at the Donut House, although I don't recall eating any donuts there. I think I just had egss. The waitstaff seemed like they'd been working there since donuts were invented. It was a very fine experience, if I remember correctly.

Next time, I'll try the donuts.

theblognut said...

God, my first few posts were so short.