Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Anniversary!

Blognut would like to wish Blognut a happy 1 year anniversary.

This idiotic Donut blog has come a long way since its humble beginnings at the Formica tables of the Donut House. From a Tang-flavored Donut in Portland, to a buttermilk high atop a 10,000 foot Hawaiian volcano, to rock-hard Parisian atrocities on the streets of the Left Bank, over the past 12 months I've tried my hardest to provide you, the readers, with the most objective, practical and flavorful Donut commentary I could manage. Hopefully I've convinced some of you of the limitless potential in a wad a fried dough, or at very least helped reinforce your previously existing Donut appreciation. And thanks to all of you who've provided support, recipes, and most importanly, Donut shop recommendations - I owe each and every one of you a coffee and a Donut.

So in honor of Blognut's year anniversary, I've compiled a list of the top ten Donuts I consumed over the past year. Enjoy, and thanks for reading.

#10) The Doughnut Plant - Peanut Butter Glazed with Banana Cream Filling

An Elvis-inspired banana cream-stuffed ring coated in a peanut-y glaze.

#9) Banbury Cross - Cinnamon

Cinnamon crumb goodness in Morman country.

#8) The Donut Pub - Black and White Boston Creme

A donut-y twist on the classic NYC black and white cookie stuffed with Boston's finest.

#7) Yummies Donuts - Honey-Glazed Blossom

Honey-infused cake dough shaped like a boomerang.

#6) Spudnuts - Cherry Cinnamon

A bumpy take on the classic cinnamon bun with cherry-infused glaze.

#5) Voodoo Doughnut - Butter-fingering

Devil's food cake dough dowsed with vanilla frosted and shattered Butterfinger.

#4) Mike's Donuts - Plain Glazed

Simple, sweet and satisfying.

#3) The Doughnut Plant - Tres Leches

Mark Israel's finest creation: butter cake soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk, and cream, just like the traditional Mexican cake.

#2) Voodoo Doughnut - Dominic the Cat

A one-of-a-kind Voodoo creation modeled after my big-boned feline Dominic.

#1) Spudnuts - Plain Glazed

A cinnamon-spiked, potato flour dough, coated with a subtle glaze straight out of Charlottesville, Virginia. Simply the finest Donut of all. Please disregard the cows.


askme said...

Clyde Cheroot said...

I dig donuts and I dig this blog. Check out mine at

If you dig it leave a comment.

Merisi's Vienna For Beginners said...

Happy birthday!
This all looks so yyyyyyummmmmyyyy!
Shall be back to have some more,
(I loved the Venetian donuts, fritterelle, to the tune of two a day, so good!)

Douglas Cress said...

Congrats Blognut. Thanks for eating donuts regularly so I don't have to ;)

theblognut said...

Thanks all. Stay tuned - we've got more Donuts and big changes coming in year 2.

Rev. Rick said...

Happy birthday, Blognut!

Upon my arrival in my new town, I will eat a spudnut in your honor. Maybe even four of them because people keep making fun of me for being skinny.

theblognut said...

Like Kate Moss, or perhaps Twiggy. Eat a Donut.

Michael said...

A BIG Happy Anniversary to one of my favorite Blogs! As a fellow donut fan, (and part owner of a Southern Maid franchise) you have "raised" blogging to new donut highs! I congratulate you! And because of your blog, I got to try a Doughnut Plant "Tres Leches"! It's probably the best cake donut I've ever eaten! Now, if only you could taste a HOT Southern Maid glazed! !

Mrs. Blognut said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Blognut!

kim said...

Heartiest congratulations, Blognut. I couldn't be happier for you. I'll help the Rev. with his Spudnuts consumption. Also, I saw recently a citation for the U.D. opening c. 1930, which relates to your grillswith scholarship.