Monday, April 17, 2006

A Fritterless Morning

Monday morning:
As promised, Blognut strolls into Madison Square Park with the intention of acquiring a Warm Heirloom Apple Fritter from Shake Shack. The popular burger/hot dog stand was scheduled to reinstate their breakfast menu this morning but to our disappointment, they’ve decided to hold off on any morning eats.

Blognut walks up to the Shake Shack window and speaks with a Shake Shack-Lady (presumably the manager):

Blognut (perplexed by the lack of patrons): “Hello. I think I’ll try an apple fritter?”

Shake Shack Lady: “I’m sorry, we’re actually not serving breakfast – we’ve decided to postpone the launching of our breakfast menu.”

Blognut (now sad): “Really? …how come?”

Shake Shack Lady: “We’ve decided to start staying open later in the evenings. We close at 6:00 and end up turning people away every night – we’re now going to be open until 9:00 PM. We’re planning on revisiting the idea of serving breakfast though, probably this June.”

Lady with German Shepard walks up (also seeking breakfast).

Lady with German Shepard: “I thought you guys were starting breakfast this morning?”

Shake Shack Lady informs her of the new plan, then offers both of us a donut to compensate for the lack of breakfast (she pulls out 2 large trays of what look like Dunkin Donuts from the kitchen).

Lady with German Shepard:
“Sure, I’ll have a glazed.”

Blognut (to Shake Shack Lady): “I’ll have a chocolate glazed”

Blognut (to Lady with German Shepard): “Can he have one?” (referring to dog)

Lady with German Shepard: “He can have part of mine, as long as it’s not chocolate.”

We accept our complimentary Nuts and the 3 of us walk away happy.


Anonymous said...

can you recommend any good donut shops in arizona?

theblognut said...

I heard that Arizona donut in Yuma and Rainbow donuts in Phoenix are both good, but I haven't been to either one to vouch for them. Then there's always Winchell's if you're looking for a Pop Nut.

beta said...

what is the freek-folk scene like in yuma and rainbow?

r-dog said...

Frank Bruni his damn self blogged about the Shake Shack issue earlier this week:

And there's a website to monitor the length of the line and so on:

Chief Bootknocka said...

have u heard about the minor league baseball team now serving burgers with Krispy Kremes as the bun? true story, but I forgot what they are actually calling these things.

theblognut said...

chief - yep, did a post about it back in the early days of Blognut. Legend has it, the burger on donut idea was thought up by Luther Vandross himself - may he rest in peace.