Saturday, April 01, 2006

Fried Dough on Smith

269 Pacific Street
Brooklyn, NY

La Rosa and Son Pizzeria
98 Smith Street
Brooklyn, NY

Saturday morning - Blognut arrives at Pacifico. We sit outside to enjoy the newly-arrived spring weather and a spicy Tex-Mex brunch.

Located at the corner of Smith and Pacific in Boerum Hill, Pacifico exists as part of Jim Marmary's triumvirate of connected restaurants which also includes Gravy and La Rosa and Son Pizzeria. Blognut starts with an order of chorizo and potato skewers. Next, our main course shares its name with that of the establishment - the Pacifico consists of eggs (huevos), cheese, black beans, and scallion corn cakes covered in a delicous salsa verde. With the exception of the potatoes being slightly undercooked, both dishes were great - the corn cakes were the best part.

Remembering that Pacifico is cash-only, we make our way through the back of the restaurant and into La Rosa to use the ATM. As we wait for our withdrawal, we can't help but notice the glass display case next to us which, in addition to the standard NYC-pizza joint accoutrements (rice balls, garlic knots), houses a tray of small, fried wonders. As it turns out, La Rosa sells donuts. Priced at 3 for $1, these Nuts are simple, unsweetened fried cakes, which upon being ordered, are warmed, thrown into a paper bag, and seasoned with a shake of powdered sugar. While they may look like donuts, they're actually closer to funnel cakes or zeppoles in taste and consistency. These Faux-Nuts are best enjoyed fresh, hot, and loaded with sugar - when we asked for an extra dose of sweetness, the cashier actually handed Blognut the powdered sugar and said "go crazy."

Food Score: Pacifico - 9.1

Donut Score - N/A

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