Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Hill Diner
231 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY

The Hill Diner is plain in every way. The storefront is plain, the tables are plain, and the walls are plain. While Blognut is all for chic, minimalist decor, the Hill Diner is just plain boring. Not bad, and not good.

Thursday evening: Fearing an impending rain shower Blognut stays close to home for dinner. We arrive at the Hill Diner at 6:30 (sometimes we like to eat early) and sit outback in the newly-opened-for-summer garden. We plan our escape route in case the storm hits. In keeping with the surroundings, the menu is somewhat plain too – essentially diner cuisine with an air of sophistication.

Blognut orders the Chicken Schnitzel with mashed potatoes, fennel, and honey mustard sauce. The waiter is friendly and funny - we joke about the word Schnitzel.

The chicken was mildly flavorful and completely inoffensive, as were the potatoes – the kind of meal you enjoy and never think about again. Blognut highly recommends adding doughnuts to the menu in order to make the Hill Diner-experience more memorable. (Also, when will the criss-crossing lines of sauce, squirted from a squeeze bottle as a means of culinary-finesse, end?)

If you’re looking for a completely normal dining experience, check out the Hill Diner.

Food Score - 7.0


Anonymous said...

This isn't really a comment on this post, just a general question. As a long-time fan of Seinfeld (and a non-resident of NYC) I've often wondered if Dinky Donuts exists (Joe DiMaggio dunks his donuts there). Does it? And, if so, how does the 'Nut rate?


theblognut said...

Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, there is no Dinky Donuts in NYC. But there is a network of mobile donut stands in the UK called Dinky Donuts who also sell something called "Sausage made by Larders" ...whatever that is.

Anonymous said...



miriam said...

The hill is now Miriam Restaurant. We have taken the Dinner , Brunch and wine list from our sister Restaurant in Park Slope.
Miriam on Court st. dose breakfast and lunch M-F from 9am-4pm we share the same website
We hope to see you soon!