Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hockey, Beer, and Apparently, Donuts

So Blognut's going away this weekend to Toronto. In planning our trip we naturally investigated the donut shops in the area - we came to the conclusion that Canadians must love donuts.

A search on for "donuts" turns up a whopping 514 results in and around Toronto! Now we know what you're thinking - most of the hits must be Pop-Nuts, right? Nope. While the most common findings on the list are, as expected, the three major donut chains in Ontario - Coffee Time, Country Style, and Tim Horton's (the Dunkin Donuts of Canada, named after the famed Toronto Maple Leaf) - nearly half the listings are independents. Blognut was left feeling a little overwhelmed. Unsure of where to even begin - but reassured of our decision to focus Blognut's coverage on US-based donuts - we've decided not to plan on hitting any specific Donut-Locations. Odds are we'll find some.

Back on Monday.


beta said...

take off, hoser.

Max said...

Sorry it took forever for me to respond, but I finally linked to your blog via mine at