Sunday, May 07, 2006

More Donuts in the Old Dominion

Lady on a horse: "Not much happens here in Abington - and that's how we like it."

In what will be the last leg of our Southern Donut Adventure, Blognut heads east to the small, former spa town of Abington, Virginia. After a long day of driving and sampling the local fare (corn nuggets and deliciously smoky Tennessee mountain-style BBQ) we arrive in Abington - a local points us in the direction of the best donut in town.

The Dunk & Deli Company sits about a mile outside of downtown Abington at 924 East Main Street. The simple diner-style decor and pleasantly Southern donut purveyors behind the counter make Dunk & Deli a great place to absorb the laid back Abington atmosphere. Two well stocked racks house an impressive collection of donuts. While offering standard donut-fare, Dunk's most interesting creation is what they call their "Crumb Donut," a glazed cake donut rolled in peanuts, coconut, and crumbled Heath Bar...mmm! Blognut orders a Crumb and a vanilla/caramel frosted.

The Crumb is like no other donut we've ever tasted. The peanut/coconut/Heath combination makes for a complex, multi-textural Donut-Experience. The saltiness of the peanuts compliments the Heath sweetness leaving the overall taste perfectly balanced. Not only is this donut delicious, it is also appropriately named - after eating it our table was covered in crumbs. The vanilla/caramel was also excellent but definitely overshadowed by its progressive competition.

After enjoying our donuts Blognut hits the row of antique shops in historic downtown Abington where we find our new favorite coffee mug.

A poem on the back of the mug reads:

As you go thru life brother
Whatever be your goal
Keep your eye on the donut
And not on the hole


Corn nugget.

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abalicious24 said...

I HAVE to know where you found the donut mug with the double handle holes and the saying about life on it!!!!