Saturday, May 13, 2006

Min's Donuts

Min's Donuts
337 9th Street
Brooklyn, NY

Saturday morning: Feeling as though we’ve been neglecting the numerous doughnut offerings right here in Brooklyn, Blognut heads deep into Park Slope for our inaugural visit to Min's.

Anticipating the friendly, donut-munching patrons and formica counter tops we now expect from local Brooklyn donut shops, Blognut was disappointed to find Min's Donuts a cold, unwelcoming establishment. With not even a hint of neighborhood charm, Min's definitely has the “we were at one time a Dunkin Donuts” feel (although we were unable to confirm our suspicion with the Donut Lady).

As is the case with many Dunkin-wannabees (see HoneyDip Donuts and the Donut Connection), the donuts at Min's taste like watered-down versions of their Pop-Nut predecessor's.

Blognut orders a plain glazed (the true test of a Nut-Purveyor) and a chocolate glazed cake. The plain glazed was a little on the dry side, falling far short of its Dunkin rival in both flavor and consistency. The chocolate however, was moist and relatively flavorful – a much better DD rip-off.

Next time we’re craving a donut on 9th Street in Park Slope, Blognut will probably just hit the Dunkin Donuts down the street.

Lame donuts.


Anonymous said...

dood, u gotta check out "moto" in williamsburg for killer home made donuts. it's a bar, not a donut shop, but i went in for dessert the other night (cool band, too) and had the best f'n donut ever at the bar.

theblognut said...

will do - thanks for the tip