Monday, March 27, 2006

Donuts in the Slope

7th Avenue Donut Shop
324 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY

If you're looking for a freshly-baked Nut in Park Slope, and assuming you don't get trampled by a stroller on the way there, the 7th Ave Donut Shop is the place for you.

Blognut approaches 7th Ave at 12:30 PM Monday afternoon (Blognut had the day off work today -- and apparently so did everyone else in the Slope, seeing as how the streets were filled with twenty-somethings). We were greeted by a wonderful window display full of plump, round Nuts and a bustling diner serving up omelettes, BLTs, and coffee to the lunch break crowd. We order a chocolate glazed, a plain glazed, and an egg white omelette with feta cheese and potatoes.

The chocolate glazed was excellent - a perfectly soft cake Nut with just the right amount of glaze. Blognut was especially impressed with the subtleness of the chocolate component - barely noticable behind the taste of glazed cake. Correlating nicely with this chocolate-minimalism, was the light brown hue of the Nut, which made it one of the more visually interesting options on the rack. The plain glazed was also enjoyed. It was light, soft, and not too sweet - very similar to a Dunkin glazed. Blognut recommends them both.

Although not a donut, we would also highly recommend the egg white and feta omelette - what better way to wash down a glazed!? Our entire bill, including coffees, came to $7.20.


In non-donut happenings:

Later in the day, Blognut heads uptown to grab a burger at Big Nick's. Located at 2175 Broadway (between 76th and 77th), Nick's offers customers just about anything they want to eat. While their 24 page menu-book includes pizza, greek specialties, and a wide-array of sandwiches, their specialty is definitely hamburgers. With over 30 to choose from, Blognut was initally overwhelmed, but finally settled on the BBQ burger with cheddar and waffle fries (Mrs. Blognut had the turkey burger, also with waffle fries). Delicious - some of best burgers we've had in NYC - but make sure you come with an appetite. We were full all the way through the Walter Reade Theater screening of the Will Oldham vehicle Old Joy.


Anonymous said...

Hey Blognut? Don't you work? How can u spend your life eating donuts? What is your cholesterol level? Won't u get diabetes? Watch ur health, please!!

theblognut said...

I just got a flu shot.