Wednesday, March 29, 2006

There will not be any donuts served during Brooklyn Restaurant Week

Blognut is dissappointed to learn that of the over 150 restaurants participating in Brooklyn's upcoming Restaurant Week, not a single one will be serving donuts.

Blognut is still looking foward to enjoying some local, discounted cuisine. Most restaurants will offer 3 course meals for $20.06, with a few places offering a 2-person dinner for $20.06. The event will run from April 3rd through April 11th and includes eateries in just about every Brooklyn neighborhood.

For those of you worried that Restaurant Week can get too "foodie," you're in luck - the Dyker Heights Outback Steakhouse has signed on, promising to serve up "high quality food and service, generous portions, and moderate prices." Wow.

Blognut plans on checking out Chestnut on Smith St, while also stopping by Schnack and Atlantic Chip Shop for a beer shake and some mushy peas.


Harry "Hey Chef" Hawk said...
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Harry "Hey Chef" Hawk said...

Glad your stopping by Schnack. Our Blog lists our menu. A highlight includes: RC Cola Ribs and RC Cola Gelato (from il Laboratorio del Gelato.). A glass of RC Cola or any other fountain soda is also included..

theblognut said...

Thanks for the tips chef...we'll definitely get RC Cola-something.