Saturday, March 25, 2006

South Beach

Miami does not have good donuts. Do not go to Miami for donuts.

When in Miami and craving a Nut, stop by Puerto Sagua and get an authentic cuban sandwich (ham, pulled pork, cheese, pickles, and mustard) and a Presidente instead.


EightBitHustler said...

While you have an endless selection of awesome cuban sandwiches in Miami, I've never had one better than Kool Korner Grocery in Atlanta. If you ever happen to be in Atlanta during the week, you must check that place out. While you're there, go to the Krispy Kreme on Ponce De Leon Ave.

theblognut said...

Thanks for the advice - I'll take you up on it next time I'm in ATL. Still looking for a good Cuban in NYC, know of any?

beta said...

I got a great Cuban spot for you in the city; it's downtown.