Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blognut Book Club

Recommended reading:

Donuts: An American Passion

by John T. Edge

As the fourth installment in food/travel writer John T. Edge's series on American food icons, Donuts: An American Passion takes a deeper look at the fried obsession that inspired the creation of Blognut. Sharing the stage with such legendary American staples as the hamburger, apple pie, and fried chicken, the donut has finally recieved the cultural admiration it deserves. While Donuts has not found a spot on the New York Times Bestsellers List (an oversight which Blognut feels is a result of the American public's guilt toward their uncontrollable love of the donut, and the refusal to indulge in any sort of intellectual discourse on the subject), it has helped elevate the donut's status as a significant piece of edible American history.

Blognut's comprehensive review of Donuts: An American Passion is forthcoming.

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r-dog said...

This Edge dude has quite a nice life, writing about the tasty foods and playing the electric guitar with Bongo, although I don't remember ever hearing a U2 song about hamburgers. Maybe it was on that Picnic at Red Rocks album. I read his book about fried chicken, though. It was pretty good.