Sunday, June 18, 2006

Renegade Craft Nut

This past Saturday, Blognut hit the Renegade Craft Fair in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Despite the fair billing itself as "renegade," the general indie-craft asthetic seemed to consist only of things made out of fabric and stamped with one of the following images:

1) sparrow
2) whale
3) owl
4) squirrel
5) deer

Breaking from the mold was arts and crafts seamstress My Paper Crane (Heidi Kenney), who sews up plush edibles such as cupcakes, burnt toast, and many donut varieties. We went home with what we can only assume is a chocolate-frosted cake Nut.

By the way, our crafty pal Petite Pomme could definitely have kicked everyone's ass at the Renegade Fair.


Robyn said...

I like your list of images. Out of all those images, I just have one shirt with a squirrel on it...but it's playing a snare drum! SO IT'S AWESOME!

Anyway, there should be more penguins.

My Paper Crane = SO AWESOME.

R-Dog said...

r-dog is confused. was the plush donut edible? did you eat it? is it a cushion? what's the deal?

beta said...

wait, you came to Williamsburg?