Tuesday, June 27, 2006

LA Times has no time for Dunkin

A recent LA Times piece praising Peet's Coffee as being the predecessor to Starbucks in bringing gourmet coffee to Folger's-sipping Americans (the chain started in Berkeley, CA 40 years ago) neglected to credit the second biggest joe-hawker in the world - Dunkin Donuts. As DD-devoted blog, Dunkin Donuts Talk, keenly points out, Dunkin sells their roast in a whopping 5,550 stores, second only to Starbuck's 8,000 locations. However, in what must be an omission based on a technicality (as DD's focus stems from boiling oil rather than roasted beans), the Times gave the second spot to Caribou Coffee with their meager 322 stores. While Blognut is not one to defend a major cooperate force such as Dunkin, in this case we are obligated to stand up for the object of our obsession. If you're out there LA Times, we would appreciate a correction to this glaring bite of misinformation you fed to the donut-loving public.

Largest coffeehouse chains in the United States by number of stores, first quarter 2006:

1) Starbucks: 8,000
2) Caribou Coffee: 322
3) Tim Horton's: 292
4) Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf : 213
5) Coffee Beanery: 200
6) Seattle's Best*: 160
7) Peet's Coffee: 112
8) Tully's: 100
9) Dunn Bros. Coffee: 85
10) Port City Java: 55

*Subsidiary of Starbucks

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