Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Sammy's Donut Corner

461 6th Avenue
New York, NY

A few months ago Blognut took our friend Dr. Rod to Sammy's Noodle Shop in the Village for a bite. The place was hectic and stressful but operated with assembly line efficiency. After dinner we walked up 6th Avenue past the seemingly endless string of dining rooms, take out windows, and kitchens that comprise the majority of Sammy's space and were met with a nice surprise - a small donut and coffee counter sitting quietly at the end of this half-block long noodle-factory.

Sammy's Donut Corner is subtle - a miniscule store-front easily overlooked by those passing by. Despite the name, most of their rack space is filled with cakes, muffins, and bagels, but looming behind the counter is a small shelf of Sammy's freshly made donuts.

The menu is pretty standard, with jelly-filled and glazed varieties topping the list. But what Sammy's lacks in store size and donut selection, they more than make up for in taste. Today Blognut arrives at Sammy's at 6 PM for a pre-dinner donut. They only have three left, two jelly-filled and a whole wheat glazed. We order the glazed, and, to the cashier's dismay, pay in all nickels and pennies (sorry Donut-Lady, we were out of paper money). Unfortunately, due to a prior engagement, we were forced to enjoy our purchase on the go (but nothing compliments a brisk walk to the F train like a hearty glazed donut!).

The whole wheat glazed was super-thick, moist, and delicous. While most glazed cake Nuts rely on the sweetness of the glaze itself to provide much of the flavor, Sammy's offering was packed with cinnamon goodness - so much so that we almost forgot about the glaze. The whole wheat dough held the flavors together nicely and helped create a complex taste not usually found in standard cake-donut issue. Sammy's definitely proved themselves worthy competition to their equally delicous neighbor The Donut Pub.

For the full Sammy's-Experience, try a side of noodles with your donut.

Donut Score - 9.5


R-Dog said...

Such fond memories of Sammy's copious noodles. A post-prandial donut would have been delightful. Next time.

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